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Welcome to DWK Outdoor Living, home to premium quality luxury outdoor products. With a passion for modern ideas and a philosophy to deliver the ultimate luxury outdoor brand.




Plancha, Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchen Perfection

Our planchas, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens are of absolute top quality. The combination with the unique design of our products completes it all. The hobbyist, as well as the professional chef, will find what they are looking for. DWK makes outdoor cooking even more fun!
It’s attractive. It cooks well. It brings people together and adds a good dose of atmosphere to your garden with its sleek

and Design

All are gathered around the fireplace, and you’re preparing food while the whole family is around you. Our exclusive planchas can be used as an outdoor kitchen, barbecue or fireplace.

You decide for yourself whether you use wood, coal or briquettes. DWK Outdoor Living offers a complete design cooker for outdoor cooking and grilling.

Outdoor Furniture

Our furniture pieces are a wonderful addition to the cookers.

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Must Have Accessories

Our exclusive accessories make cooking even more practical, safe and fun.

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Plancha, Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchen Perfection

Our Quoco collection can be characterised as a work of art that can be used multi functionally and fits into any environment. Our products are produced by means of craftsmanship, handwork and high-tech production techniques.

This combination creates a unique product that meets our high-quality standards.

Our unique 3 in 1 system, barbecue/grill, outdoor kitchen and garden fireplace are therefore not only for this but also for future generations.

Whether you want to cook outside, grill or enjoy the heat generated by wood, coal or briquettes, Quoco has the equipment you need to achieve this.

DWK products are timeless and functional and can be used in hospitality, catering, and large parties but above all on the terrace in your garden, for example, to enjoy with friends and family.