DWK is proud to be the exclusive Scottish Distributor for a wide range of Quoco Products.

Range of Quoco BBQs

The perfect addition to any garden


The Montabile is a compact and easy to mount Quoco.


The Quoco Piatto is characterised by its quality, simplicity and functionality.

Piatto Basso+

The Basso is the lower version of the Piatto, including a beautiful Sicuro.


The Tavolo is the perfect addition to the Piatto.

Piatto Pro

The large wheels make the Piatto Pro easy to move.

Piatto Tavolo

The Tavolo is the perfect addition to the Piatto.

BBQ, Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchen Perfection

Our Quoco collection can be characterised as a work of art that can be used multi functionally and fits into any environment. Our products are produced by means of craftsmanship, handwork and high-tech production techniques.

This combination creates a unique product that meets our high-quality standards.

Our unique 3 in 1 system, barbecue/grill, outdoor kitchen and garden fireplace are therefore not only for this but also for future generations.

Whether you want to cook outside, grill or enjoy the heat generated by wood, coal or briquettes, Quoco has the equipment you need to achieve this.

DWK products are timeless and functional and can be used in hospitality, catering, and large parties but above all on the terrace in your garden, for example, to enjoy with friends and family.

DWK Outdoor Living

The base, made of Corten steel (either with or without a heat-res black coating) is intended for wood storage. The two layers provide a solid appearance and fast heat transfer.

In combination with the Quoco base, the air regulator ensures the correct oxygen supply. By opening or closing it, you control the combustion and the temperature in your Quoco. You can also remove the regulator for easy cleaning.

Due to its curvature, the steel or heat-resistant lacquered shell ensures rapid heating and good heat circulation. Thanks to the shape and proportion, you can easily place the wood in it. You can also use charcoal and briquettes to heat your plancha.

You prepare your food on this carbon steel plate. The plancha is made in such a way that it goes down on the inside due to the heat so that oil and grease drain inwards. The plancha has a protect
The plancha has a protective coating.

You can use the grill in different ways. Attach the grill grate or place a wok on the bottom ring of the grill. You can open can the grill grate so that you can easily add wood, briquettes, or charcoal from above. you can also put a pan on the grill.

Become a Partner of Quoco

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