Christmas Cooking Recipe 2 – The Fantastic Christmas Burger

A man enjoying a Christmas burger.

The delightfully festive Christmas Burger.

Today marks the beginning of December, and the beginning of all that delicious festive eating. Here at DWK Outdoor Living, we could not be happier about this. A whole month of delicious food, cooking and spending time with those near and dear to us. What could be better?

When you think of festive dining, your mind does not automatically head straight for burgers, but hear us out. The Christmas Burger. One of our favourite things to cook on a Plancha, teamed with some delicious festive toppings. The most festive food mashup to ever grace your grill, trust us.

Delicious beef burgers, topped with tangy blue cheese, cranberry sauce, and pigs in blankets (a festive replacement to your regular bacon).  This meaty behemoth of a burger will leave you and your guests feeling truly satisfied. You’ll even be toying with the idea of having these in place of your turkey on the big day.

Let’s get into how to make these delights.



4 x beef burgers

4 x sesame brioche burger buns


80g crumbled blue cheese (or stilton)

Iceberg lettuce (shredded, to serve)

Cranberry sauce


12 x pigs in blankets (if store bought)

12 x chipolatas (if making your own)

12 x rashers of streaky bacon (if making your own)



The prep is pretty minimal for this one thankfully. Shred your iceberg lettuce as fine as possible, slice your buns and toast them on the inside so they can retain some structural integrity when you build. If you are making your own pigs in blankets, simply wrap each chipolata in a rasher of streaky bacon, and that’s you. All done.


Light the Plancha

Simply add your chosen fuel source to the Plancha and allow this to come up to temperature. You should follow the package guidelines of said chosen fuel source as each will likely have a slightly different preparation process.

Lighting the Quoco plancha with wood


Now, the fun part. First, you should season your burger on either side of the patty with salt and pepper. Add some neutral oil to the outer cooking ring of your Plancha and drop the burgers onto the surface. Allow the burgers some time to cook on the outer ring, before transferring them to the centre grill to impart some delicious smokiness and get those stunning grill marks on there too. You should also add the crumbled blue cheese at this point and allow it to melt slightly on the burger from the heat of the Plancha.

Grilling the burgers will also allow for a delicious outer crust to form on the party, resulting in an incredible texture on there when eating. A real win-win.

Next, you should add your pigs in blankets to the Plancha, same as above. Start on the outer grill then bring over to the centre grill to finish.

Please cook all your meats as per the package instructions. A good rule of thumb is to cook your meat until the centre has reached at least 70 degrees Celsius for over two minutes. Please refer to the government Food Standards Agency website for further information.

A Christmas burger cooking on a Quoco Plancha

Build your Christmas Burger

Time to build. First, take your bottom bun and give it a good dollop of your mayo and a scrunch of black pepper on there and add a handful of your shredded lettuce. Then, add your perfectly cooked burger patties with melty blue cheese. Next, add your pigs in blankets to the top of the patty. Three for each burger will do the trick. A good dollop of cranberry sauce should be added to your top bun then you are ready to crown your Christmas king.



The final stage. Take a bite into your festive masterpiece and enjoy your Christmas Burger.

A man enjoying a Christmas burger.


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