Christmas Cooking Recipe 1 – The Delicious Pigs in Blanket Dog

unlit quoco plancha in a garden

It’s almost December. Let’s get the Christmas cooking underway.

Ah, the festive season. A time to really enjoy with those very near and dear to you. Nothing compliments those unique social experiences like some delicious food and drink. We love Christmas cooking here at DWK, and we will be sharing some delicious festive Plancha recipes over the next few weeks.

Even in the winter, we still love to fire up the Quoco Plancha and cook some delightfully festive treats for those close to us, and so should you!

christmas cooking with bacon wrapped hot dogs

Our favourite part of Christmas cooking on the grill is one of our own recipes, the Pigs in Blanket dog. There is nothing quite like a delicious banger cooked on the Quoco Plancha. That is until you wrap it in bacon and top it with cranberry sauce.

A delightfully festive treat that is just made to be kissed by the flames of your Plancha. Smoky, meaty, sweet, and just downright delicious. Let’s get into how you make this.

Ingredients (serves eight)

Good quality sausages (or hot dogs) x 8
Streaky bacon x 16
Brioche submarine rolls

Cranberry sauce (if using shop-bought)
100g sugar (if making your sauce)
100ml orange juice (if making your sauce)
250g frozen cranberries (if making your sauce)

Light your Plancha

Light up that Plancha and allow your chosen fuel source to come up to temperature. Please follow your package instructions for this one, as different selections will require different timings.

unlit quoco plancha in a garden


With this one, the preparation is kept to a minimum so you can enjoy spending more time with your loved ones. This recipe is so easy that you can get the kids involved with the first steps.

Take your sausages out of the fridge and lay them on a chopping board alongside the strips of streaky bacon.

Wrap each sausage with two strips of bacon, wrapping them super tight. This will ensure that the bacon stays on during the cooking process.

Top tip: use toothpicks to skewer the bacon at each end of the sausage to ensure that the rashers do not fall off while you grill them.

Once each sausage is wrapped, get those hands washed and then it is onto the buns. Make a vertical slice into each brioche roll, and that is it!

You can also use store-bought cranberry sauce on this one if you like. You get bonus points if you make it yourself, but we won’t judge either way!

If you do want to make it, the recipe is straightforward.

Bring 100g of sugar and 100 ml of orange juice to a boil, then add 250g of frozen cranberries and simmer until tender (around ten minutes). Switch off the heat and allow the sauce to cool and thicken. That’s it.

Cooking the goods

Now, onto the fun part. Don your best chef’s apron, and let’s get to the Christmas cooking!

We recommend using the outer cooking ring on your Plancha first. This will allow the meat to come up to temperature in the sausage. They shouldn’t take too long to cook, depending on how thick they are but please always refer to the package instructions when cooking them. Once the meat is nearly at the correct temperature, transfer the pigs in blankets to the centre grill to crisp up that bacon even more while also getting those all-important grill marks and imparting some delicious smokiness to the ingredients.

Once your meat is up to temperature, you should always follow package instructions to ensure they are properly cooked. You can check this with a thermometer at the centre of the sausage, which should read at least 75 degrees Celsius.

Carefully transfer your sausages to the brioche rolls and then top with your delicious cranberry sauce and Bob’s your uncle.

That’s it, folks; you have just made some positively festive bangers for your nearest and dearest. The only thing left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

corten steel quoco piatto plancha

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