3 Delicious Ingredients You Can Cook On Your Quoco Outdoor Grill

tomahawk steak being cut into strips

What will you cook on your outdoor grill?

Quite often, we get asked what ingredients are best to cook on the Quoco outdoor grills, and we always say ‘pretty much anything’. Think of your trusty Plancha as an all-in-one outdoor cooking system that is hugely versatile. Their many culinary uses are nothing short of spectacular!


What is a Quoco outdoor grill?

A Quoco Plancha is a hugely versatile piece of outdoor equipment. Our range all offers three key features that are perfect for when you are entertaining outdoors. You can prepare many delicious ingredients on the outer cast-iron cooking plate or move your food to the grill in the centre. Our Planchas generate heat from various fuel sources of either wood, charcoal, or briquettes. Once you have hung up your apron for the day, the outdoor grill also doubles as a garden fireplace so you and your guests can enjoy some al-fresco drinks even after the temperature drops.

While you can obviously cook most things on there, there are certainly a few things that we love getting on the Quoco outdoor grill. Let’s look at some of our favourites and how we do this.



The King of the Sea cooked on the King of Outdoor Grills. What could be better? We love a bit of lobster, and it is always better when cooked on a Quoco Plancha.

Step 1: Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook your lobster for 12 minutes. Once this is done, place it in an ice bath and wait for it to cool completely.

Step 2: Cut your lobster in half and remove the digestive tract. Once this is done, you can optionally rub the meat with some clarified butter. Herbs are also good if you want to add a little extra flavour.

lobster being prepped on a chopping board

Step 3: First, place your lobster shell side down on the pre-heated outer cooking plate. This will allow your delicate meat to come back up to temperature. You should do this for around five minutes.

Step 4: You now should finish the lobster on the centre grill, meat side down. This will allow the Plancha to give some excellent grill marks, and it can also impart some delicious smokiness to the meat. Once your lobster reads an internal temperature of 82°c, it is ready to eat. You can check this with a meat thermometer.

We like to get our lobsters from Haar at Home, personally. They come pre-cooked, so you can skip steps 1 and 2 if you grab one from them.



Who doesn’t love a good burger at a barbecue? We know we do! Let’s look at how to cook one on your outdoor grill.

Step 1: Prepare your salad and toast your buns if you like to do that – you actually can toast them on the grill of your Plancha.

Step 2: Place your burgers onto the pre-heated grill first, giving them an incredible sear and outer crust and impart some delicious smokiness onto the meat.

Step 3: Finish cooking your burger on the outer cooking ring of the Plancha. This will allow the meat to come up to temperature.

burger that has been cooked on an outdoor grill

Step 4: Get that bacon sizzling on your outer cooking plate. You should do this to your liking, but we can’t see past some crispy bacon on a burger.

Step 5: While on the cooking plate, place your cheese on the burger and let it melt.

Top tip: you can speed this up by placing a metal bowl over the top of them but be careful when removing it as the bowl will be hot to touch!

Step 6: Check your food with a meat thermometer; this should be 75°c to be fully cooked.

Step 7: Only thing left to do is serve up and enjoy!

Looking for a delicious ‘at home’ burger experience, look no further than Waagyu Burger!



Step 1: Take your steak out of the fridge and allow this to get to room temperature. This will allow the meat to cook more evenly throughout and be much more tender. Season your steak liberally with salt and pepper at this stage too.

Step 2: Ensure your Plancha is pre-heated using your chosen fuel source.

Step 3: Sear your Tomahawk on the grill of your Plancha. This will allow for those all-important grill marks and an outer crust for a great texture. Plus, the open flame will impart some delicious smoky flavours.

Step 4: Finish cooking your steak on the outer ring of your Plancha. Depending on how you take your steak, it can be done to your liking.

tomahawk steak cooking on an outdoor grill

  • Rare – 56°c
  • Medium rare 63°c
  • Medium – 71°c
  • Well done 77°c

Step 5: Allow your steak to rest. You should take the meat off the heat just before it reaches your chosen temperature. Your steak will continue to cook after it has been taken off the heat.

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