2 reasons why corten steel is perfect for your Plancha.

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Our range of Quoco Planchas are a robust, stunning addition to any garden. The features they bring to any outdoor area are nothing short of spectacular. Each corten steel Plancha incorporates outdoor grilling, cooking and a fireplace all into one handy tool that will last a lifetime.

A Plancha is a big purchase that you will likely think about for quite some time, conducting the proper research, so it is only fitting to buy one that lasts.

You can order much of our range in our corten steel, or rust, iteration. But, we often get asked by our customers what corten steel is and why it benefits the Plancha being made out of it.

Let’s look at why Quoco Planchas are often built with corten steel and what it is.

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What is corten steel?

Corten steel often referred to as weathering steel, is an alloyed steel developed to negate the requirement for painting, forming an almost rust-like appearance that develops over years of exposure to weather.

The rust-like coating allows for the steel to be protected from oxidisation. This happens because the oxidisation forms a protective shield on the surface of the metal, ensuring that the Plancha lasts you for many, many years.


Stunning aesthetics

While the corten steel adds so many key protective benefits to your Plancha, it also brings some undeniably incredible aesthetics to your garden.

The rust-like, dark brown hues are instantly recognisable nowadays, and some would even say it has become a style unto itself. Many artists and engineers are now queuing up to take advantage of the contemporary style that holds so many protective qualities. A win-win in our books anyway, wouldn’t you agree?


Protection for all weather

The surface areas of all our corten steel Planchas are partially rusted but have a thin layer of metal oxide. Unlike typical rust, this does not compromise the metal’s integrity and does the opposite. The coating allows the Plancha to retain its strength and longevity, withstanding the gradual corrosion that can happen with other metals.

Fun fact: the protective layer on the corten steel can regenerate and repair itself, thus needing little to no maintenance.

A key point to note regarding your corten steel Plancha is that due to the protective nature of the coating, the Plancha does not ever need to be painted and will be resistant to all weather conditions. It will never require you to cover or shield it from any elements.


Our top picks for a corten steel Plancha


Piatto Tavolo Transportable

corten steel piatto tavolo plancha

The only outdoor kitchen you’ll ever need. Featuring plenty of storage and preparation space.

This incredibly versatile addition to your garden offers a large Plancha for cooking and grilling while providing a garden fireplace.

There is also a large shelf area for storing your fuel sources, while the smaller shelves allow you to keep ingredients and utensils close when cooking.

This is also transportable due to the wheels on the bottom of the Plancha so that you can move it around your garden area quickly.



corten steel quoco piatto plancha

The Piatto gives you the whole Quoco Plancha experience in your garden. There is a large Plancha on the top of the Piatto while also having storage space underneath for ingredients, utensils, and fuel sources.

This one is small but still as useful as our other Planchas and makes a perfect addition to any garden.

Browse our full range of Quoco Planchas right here. Any of them would make a welcome addition to your garden.


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