A cheap BBQ grill – 3 key reasons why you shouldn’t opt for one

A Quoco Plancha which is far superior than a cheap BBQ grill

While a cheap BBQ grill can be tempting, we would recommend against getting one.

BBQ grills, they should be a mainstay in all gardens year-round. Who doesn’t love the delicious flavours of food cooked over an open flame? Imparting that delicious, smoky flavour onto ingredients is what dreams are made of. Now, it is no secret that an outdoor grill can be expensive if you are buying one that is built to last. While some could see this as a more significant expense, you should look at this as more of an investment. Our range of Quoco Planchas are made with longevity in mind, rather than something you will only use for one year or maybe two at a push. Every Quoco grill in our range is made from hard-wearing corten steel, while the bowl and grill rings are made from carbon steel. Each one comes with a thirty-six-month warranty as standard, and they will last for many, many years when used correctly. 

Let’s get into a few key reasons why we would always recommend opting for a good quality BBQ grill.

a wagyu tomahawk being cooked on a Quoco Plancha rather than a cheap BBQ grill

Safety of the cheap BBQ grill

Probably the most important on our list of reasons. Safety is always paramount, especially when cooking outdoors. Cheap BBQ grills can often be made with sub-par components that could lead to some unwanted events happening in your garden. You could potentially fall victim to them causing a fire, explosion or even poisoning if you are not careful, and we wouldn’t want that.

Often, cheap BBQ grills can be recalled due to faulty parts. This could be for several reasons that a quick Google search will enlighten you. This is likely because they are made in factories with lower safety standards. You can always rest assured that when introducing a Quoco bbq grill to your garden, it will be one of the safest available on the market.

a family cooking around a Quoco Plancha outdoor grill


Every Quoco BBQ grill is built with durability and longevity in mind. When you go to McDonalds, you don’t expect a Wagyu beef burger, and that metaphor still rings true in the case of outdoor bbq grills too!

While the cheapest bbq grill may look the part, you can rest assured that underneath all the shiny metals and paint – you will not have quality parts underneath.

Constructed with corten and carbon steel, you already know our range of Quoco grills are built to last a lifetime. The thick, hard-wearing steel ensures you can enjoy the taste of delicious grilled food year after year.

Oh, and don’t even get us started on disposable barbecues!

food cooking on a plancha


A common issue when buying a cheaper bbq grill is that a part will need to be replaced due to its sub-par durability. As most inexpensive grills are made with the idea that you will keep buying the newer model every few years, getting parts for an older iteration can be a real chore. Yes, you could find a new part on eBay or the likes, but there is no guarantee that this will be an easy task or even possible.

Often, cheaper grills will be made with parts from a few different companies, and the manufacturer will not be able to source said part. This is when it comes to the point that you are better off getting a new grill than going through the ordeal of trying to source a component that is a few years old.

You will not have any of these issues when purchasing a Quoco outdoor grill. Plus, on the rare occasion that you could need a new part. All our components are replaceable and can be ordered directly from DWK Outdoor Living or Quoco. The centre grill and outer cooking ring can be detached and replaced easily, so you won’t need to hire an engineer to fix anything.

Are you looking to move away from purchasing a cheap bbq grill? You can browse our range of robust, durable Quoco outdoor grills right here.

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