3 Amazing Plancha Features

food cooking on a plancha

What is a Plancha?

A Plancha is extraordinarily versatile and integral to anyone’s outdoor living journey. They are a unique product that offers users many different functions in their garden.

They are constructed to the highest quality by our partners, Quoco. Their products are perfect for hosting any outdoor event in your garden, large or small. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

Quoco Planchas come in various iterations, but their core uses remain the same throughout the range. Each is a three-in-one system offering a barbecue/grill, outdoor kitchen, and garden fireplace too! Their truly versatile nature allows you to either cook, grill outdoors, or enjoy the heat when temperatures start to dip a little.

food cooking on a plancha

But how do they work?

The way our Planchas work is quite simple yet remarkable at the same time. First, ensure that your top plate is in place – this will be used for the cooking side of things. Once this is done, you would build a small ‘wigwam’ shaped tower of either wood, charcoal, or briquettes in the centre of the Plancha and ignite a firelighter. Like any barbecue, you would wait around twenty minutes until the fuel source is ready. Once this is complete, you are prepared to go.

At this stage, you could use the Plancha as the garden fireplace, the plate for cooking, or add the grill attachment and showcase your culinary talents!


Three-in-one system


The handy plate system on our Planchas allows for an effortless outdoor cooking experience – no need for camping stoves here! Once your Plancha is up to temperature, you will then apply some cooking grade oil, and you are ready to go!

You can cook anything on the plate – we’ve had fish, lobster, burgers, steaks, or veggies on there. Think of it as a large cast iron pan! The sizable surface area allows many items to be cooked at once and even for a group of people to cook at the same time – this is why families love our outdoor products.

Please note: We recommend using oil with a higher smoke point as the surface can get quite hot. You don’t want to burn your oil and, in turn, ruin your food!



Are you looking to add a slight smokiness to your cooking by grilling directly over your chosen fuel source? Then the grilling function is for you!

Let’s be honest, burgers and steaks always taste better when they are grilled, and that is a fact!

Carefully add our trusty grill attachment to your Plancha and let the grates heat up for a moment, and you will be good to go. The extensions easily slide into the centre ring of your Plancha. You will find easy-to-follow instructions in your package, don’t worry!

The grilling doesn’t just stop at burgers and steaks. You can also cook fish, chicken, and veggies on there. The possibilities are endless, with the grill function adding that delicious, charred texture and smoky barbecued flavour we all know and love.

chicken and vegetable skewers cooking on a plancha

Garden fireplace

Once the cooking has finished, and everyone is happily fed, that doesn’t mean the party has to move indoors!

Our versatile Planchas can also be used as a garden fireplace after you’ve hung up the chef’s apron for the day.

Even after the temperates have dropped. Simply add more fuel to your Plancha and keep the fire going well into the evening and enjoy the warmth while you all sit round enjoying some al-fresco night-time drinks.

Note: for the authentic outdoor evening experience, why not add some Quoco furniture to your garden too? Perfect for sitting around the fire when enjoying some libations.


Are you looking to start your outdoor living journey? You can browse our full range of Quoco Planchas right here.


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