Are you looking for a Plancha grill? Here are 3 amazing options.

chef preparing food next to a Plancha grill

Which Plancha grill will you go for?


Our range of Plancha grills come in many different shapes and sizes. Each with slightly other uses depending on what you need yours for. At their core, all of our range, of course, comes with the vital three-in-one features that are seen throughout the Quoco series. Each one offers cooking, grilling and garden fireplace features, which will not change regardless of which one you choose.

Let’s look at our core range of Quoco Planchas in a little more detail.

Piatto Basso+

Piatto Basso+ Plancha grill

The Piatto Basso+ Firepit is an excellent addition to any garden. It is a little smaller than the rest of the Plancha grill range, but it is still just as valuable as a garden mainstay. Featuring an innovative outer cooking ring and a centre grill. The Piatto Basso+ is also perfect as a garden fireplace. This is where the height comes in handy, as you can sit around it comfortably once the temperatures drop.

Top tip: the Quoco garden furniture range is ideal when entertaining in the garden. Let your friends take a load off while you cook up a storm. Plus, it is perfect for when you are all sitting around the garden fireplace later in the day.

Our Piatto Basso+ range comes in both medium and large sizes, depending on your requirements, and you can order them in either dark grey or corten (rust) colourways.

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Piatto Tavolo

Piatto Tavolo Plancha Grill

If you need something more like an outdoor kitchen, look no further than the Piatto Tavolo. Helping to make you feel more at home in your garden.

As with all of our Plancha grill range, the Piatto Tavolo comes with the core three-in-one features. Cooking, grilling and the outdoor fireplace.

The robust nature of the Plancha grill means that you have plenty of space for both storage and preparation. The larger shelf is perfect for storing fuel sources such as wood, charcoal, or briquettes. While the smaller shelves are ideal for storing ingredients you are about to or cooking utensils.

The large top surface area is excellent for all of your preparation needs. Seasoning your meats and chopping your veggies, it is ideal for anyone cooking up a storm in their garden.

Once you have hung your apron up for the day, the Piatto Tavolo doubles up as a garden fireplace again, allowing you and your guests to relax al-fresco right into the evening.

The Piatto Tavolo range come in both large and medium sizes. They can be ordered in either dark grey, black or the popular corten (rust) colourways. You can also choose to have them as transportable or stationary.

Piatto Plancha Grill

Piatto Plancha grill

The perfect all-rounder in our Quoco Plancha grill range is the Piatto Corten. This powerful outdoor grill has it all. The key features that everyone is looking for in their chosen Plancha – cooking, grilling and the outdoor fireplace.

The Plancha sits atop two shelves that can be used to store just about anything. Cooking utensils, ingredients, or fuel sources. As there are two shelves, we recommend using the bottom one for your fuel sources and the top for anything else you may need.

This innovative Plancha grill is available in medium or large sizes, and you can get it in either a black or the corten (rust) colourway.

By now, you will likely have a good idea of which Plancha you will order for your garden. What is the next step? You can chat today with one of our specialist team who will be able to assist with your enquiry.

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