3 amazing tips for when cooking outdoors

cooking outdoors on a Quoco Plancha

Even in the cooler months. Here at DWK Outdoor Living, we can think of nothing better than firing up the Quoco Plancha at the weekend and donning our chef’s apron, cooking outdoors for our nearest and dearest. Nothing quite compares to the delicious taste of something cooked on the work of art that is a Plancha. A mainstay in many gardens, this innovative outdoor grill has many unrivalled features that make your cooking outdoors and entertaining a breeze.


When cooking outdoors. Use the three features to their full potential

It is no secret that our Planchas have many incredible features. Everything from cooking to grilling and even using them as a garden fireplace is available when you add this innovative piece of kit to your garden.

First, the outer cooking ring is perfect for preparing everything from veggies to meats. This heavy-duty cast-iron ring acts in the same way you would use a frying pan when preparing your food indoors. All you have to do is add your fuel source to the Plancha. Light it, wait for it to come up to temperature, and you are ready to go. The possibilities are endless for this innovative feature we don’t often find on outdoor grills.

Next, the centre grill is perfect for cooking outdoors. Using this feature allows for real outdoor grilling and helps impart a delicious smokiness to your food because it is being cooked directly over the fuel source. Oh, and let’s not forget those all-important grill marks too. People eat with their eyes, after all. There is nothing quite like the taste of a barbecued burger or steak, which can be done easily on the centre grill.

outdoor cooking on a plancha with vegetables

Finally, the garden fireplace. There’s no denying that the days are getting colder now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still entertain outdoors. The Quoco Plancha doubles up as an outdoor fireplace to ensure your guests can stay nice and toasty. Just picture it. There is nothing quite like sitting around an open flame, enjoying a drink with your nearest and dearest. After cooking, add more of your chosen fuel source to the centre of the Plancha, and in the words of Gwen McCrae, keep that fire burning!


Make sure it is in an area that is away from the home

While we love a hint of smokiness in our food, we are not so sure about the smell of it in our home.

We would always recommend that you ensure a Plancha is kept away from any doors or windows around the home. We would also recommend keeping them closed when using your Plancha. The smell of smoke can cling to fabrics such as carpets and settees for quite some time, and we don’t want this. Not even if we had a lifetime supply of Febreze to counteract it.

burgers and bacon cooking on a plancha


Make sure you prepare your food and fuel source before your guests arrive

Nobody likes being hangry. This is no different when you are entertaining guests in your garden. We always recommend you have everything prepared for people arriving to alleviate any possible hanger someone may encounter. Preparing your food ahead of time is a perfect way to do this. Our Quoco range ensures you do this easily, with lots of preparation and storage options to make your day go off without a hitch.

While, preparing your food ahead of time is great for when you have guests coming over. We would also recommend lighting your fuel source before they arrive too. When you add said fuel source to your Plancha, it can take a while before you can start cooking. Please refer to the specific instructions on your chosen source and light it around that time before everyone arrives. You’ll thank yourself later, trust us.


You can browse our full Quoco range right here. Perfect for cooking outdoors, even in the cooler months of the year.

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